About us

Welcome to Rattan Furniture Online by Garden Furniture UK

We are open 7 days a week so why not come see us and have a look at the great items we have in stock. We have a large showroom at St John's Plant Centre, where there are plenty of sets to choose from. All our customers are free to try out the furniture in store, sit on each set and discover which is best for you. One of our friendly team will come and help you choose which set you want.

We have measurements to had, delivery information and details on each set of furniture. When you have chosen your set, we will arrange delivery for you, usually within one week. Quality is the top priority for us, we check every item is of high standard before we consider stocking it, whilst always making sure our customers can get it for the best value. We only have a limited selection of accessories on our website, there's plenty more to choose from at our showroom. We pride ourselves in our customer service and quick delivery.